devised by Ben Harrison and the Company

April 19th – May 3rd 2008 – Dundee

I am not interested in tailoring, but in the push and pull of the garment against the human body. 

Vivienne Westwood

A deserted warehouse, a former weaving room. The ghosts of weavers and spinners past hang in the air. Hands in the darkness, spinning thread out of yarn.

Yarn: (n) a spun thread as used for knitting, weaving and rope making; a narrative of adventures, esp a tall tale.

Yarn: a tapestry woven from a wide array of texts and imagery, including Ovid, Thomas Carlyle, and Angela Carter.

Yarn: a twisting, turning and sensuous journey through a labyrinth of installation, narrative, song and dance.

Bringing together Dundee Rep’s internationally renowned acting company with Grid Iron’s reputation for creating award winning site specific productions, within the hidden spaces of Verdant Works, a former Jute Mill in the heart of Dundee’s industrial quarter, Yarn was a unique event exploring aspects of Dundee’s past through the present and its future through the past.

What The Press Said:

Cast & Crew:


Alia Alzougbi
Hannah Donaldson
Kevin Lennon
Martin McCormick
Itxaso Moreno
Robert Paterson


Director: Ben Harrison
Assistant Director: Cora Bissett
Producer: Judith Doherty
Set/Costume Designer: Georgia McGuinness
Composer & Sound Designer: Philip Pinsky
Lighting Designer: Paul Claydon
Choreographer: Janet Smith
Production Manager: Phil O’Halloran
Deputy Stage Manager: Mickey Graham
Puppetmaker & Trainer: Ailie Cohen
General Manager: Fiona Dougal
Finance & Development Officer: Deborah Crewe
Office Dogs: Hector & Tigger


Production Manager: John Chapman
Technical Manager: Nils Den Hertog
Company Stage Manager: Rose Ann Gross
Deputy Stage Manage:r Kate McGreary
Assistant Stage Manager: Rachel Miller
Head of Wardrobe: Phyllis Byrne
Wardrobe Cutter: Liz McCafferty
Wardrobe Assistant: Sally Cram
Wardrobe Maintenance: Susan Ranstead
Dresser: Angie McGregor
Carpenter: Neville Fenwick
Scenic Artist: Leila Kalbassi
Head of Sound: Nick Bryan
Deputy LX: Kate Pearce
Front of House: Beata Zemanek
Transmedia Assistants: Daniel Ford, Paris Grimmond, Sara Kemal, Nina Melville, Eve Moore & Georgia Murray
Office Dog: Douglas