A co-production between Grid Iron and the Edinburgh International Festival 2002. Variety played at the King’s Theatre, Edinburgh from 12-17 August

Ladies and gentlemen! The King’s Theatre proudly presents the romantic tenor, the country comedian, the speciality act and the equilibrist – otherwise known as our very own Concert Party!

In its halcyon days variety theatre was part of the social life blood of the country. But in the shadow of the enemy – the technological wonder of the talkies – only the bravest or the saddest of performers are left treading the boards, in cine-variety.

The death throes of one of Scotland ‘s most popular entertainments are chronicled in this play by Scots playwright Douglas Maxwell, performed by multi-award winning Grid Iron.

Performing as part of the Edinburgh International Festival was a fantastic opportunity and experience for Grid Iron. Although well used to a high media profile, Variety found the company for the first time at the centre of a deeply divided debate about the quality of the show and Grid Iron’s inclusion in the International Festival. However, we still very much enjoyed the process and it taught us many valuable lessons.

Cast & Crew:


Dr Walford Chipo          Paul Blair
Harvey                              Jimmy Harrison
Charlie Buchanan           David Ireland
Jack Salt                            John Kazek
Edward Todd                   Peter Kelly
Rose                                   Amy and Sinead Leach
Linda Singh                      Rina Mahoney
Connor McNair               Douglas Rankine
Betty Kemble                   Anne Marie Timoney


Writer                                       Douglas Maxwell
Director                                    Ben Harrison
Producer                                  Judith Doherty
Assistant Director               Janie Abbott
General Manager                 Claire Robb
Production Manager          Fiona Fraser
Set Designer                           Fred Meller
Costume Designer              Alice Bee
Lighting Designer               George Tarbuck
Composer                                Philip Pinsky
Technical Manager              Paul Claydon
Stage Manager                       John Cumiskey
Deputy Stage Manager      Caroline Aston
Assistant Stage Manager   Helen Clarkson

Assistant Lighting Designer         Calder Sibbald
Production Assistant                       Lisa Nicoll
Set Design Assistant                        Camille Tseng
Choreographer                                   Lisa Robertson
Voice Coach                                         Ros Steen
Master of the Ropes                        Simon  Beaumont
Singing Coach                                    Marion McNeill
Stilt Coach                                          Robert Thorburn
Accordian Coach                              Keith Dickson
Graphic Designer                              Emma Quinn
Design Photographer                       Douglas Jones
Set Build                                                Kilkenny Event Construction
Film by                                                   Nobles Gate


Variety was commisioned by Grid Iron with the assistance of the Scottish Arts Council’s Playwright Commissions Fund.