The Authorised Kate Bane

Written by Ella Hickson, directed by Ben Harrison

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh 12th – 26th Oct 8pm & Tron Theatre, Glasgow 30th Oct – 3rd Nov 2012

“a huge writing talent.”

The Scotsman

“Ella Hickson has already found her voice and it’s a potent one.”

New York Times

Kate Bane returns home to her eccentric family for a winter weekend to introduce her new boyfried. As the snow falls, mobile phone signal fails and the trains stop running, Kate finds herself searching with increasing desperation for an authentic account of her family’s past. Are her memories fact, or rather are they continually shifting acts of imagination? Unable to pin down the truth, what does this mean for her future… which version of the family mythology will ensure her own happiness?

Ella Hickson’s new painfully comic excavation of a family history asks if there is an authorised version of the past – or just the one we can live with. With original music from MJ McCarthy (Zoey Van Goey).

Hickson has a delicious way with words. 

The Stage

What The Press Said:

Cast & Crew:


Albin Gotold:  Nicky Elliott
Kate Bane:  Jenny Hulse
Nessa Bane:  Anne Kidd
Ike Bane:  Sean Scanlan

Video actors:  Hannah Nicol, Dina Regerro, Garry Collins & Hannah Donaldson


Writer: Ella Hickson
Director: Ben Harrison
Producer:  Judith Doherty
Assistant Director:  Finn den Hertog
Composer: MJ McCarthy
Set & Costume Designer: Becky Minto
Lighting Designer: Alberto Santos Bellido

Production Manager:  Zoe Squair
Technical Manager:  Robin Sanders
Stage Management:  Samantha Burt
Video Designer:  Lewis den Hertog