Spring Awakening

A co-production between Grid Iron & The Traverse Theatre Company

29 October – 13 November 2010

“What’s the point in books if they don’t tell us the truth? What’s the point in schools if they don’t teach us what we want to know? All this education and absolutely no knowledge.
So…please…tell me..”

Wendla just wants to feel something. She wants shorter skirts and frills on her nightgown. But most of all, Wendla wants to know! Why won’t anyone tell her?

Melchior knows more than he’s supposed to. To him, the euphemisms and the hypocrisy are ridiculous and insulting. But what he’s learned from books doesn’t prepare him for the power of his and Wendla’s freed desires.

Spring Awakening is a major European play. Since its first performance in Berlin in 1906, it has remained contentious in its portrayal of young people’s sexual relationships. Douglas Maxwell’s lean and dynamic version sets the play in turn of the century Scotland – a time when Calvinist culture ruled an education system beginning to be influenced by the freer movements of continental Europe.

A giant classroom becomes a metaphor for learning about life and death, channelling the extraordinary force of adolescent sexuality as it roars against the harsh and fearful restrictions imposed by the adult world.

Grid Iron make a fitting return to the conventional stage for this production in The Traverse, the theatre building where they launched the company back in 1996 with their first ever production, Clearance by Anita Sullivan.


What The Press Said:

Cast & Crew:


Ernst, Rupert, Janitor: Roddy Cairns
Moritz, Mr Stiefel, Reformatory Boy: Finn den Hertog
Martha, Ilse, Abortionist: Angela Hardie
Hans, Reinhold, Janitor: Edward
Poultice, Doctor, Masked Man: Gavin Marshall
Wendla: Kirsty Stuart
Mrs Bergman, Mrs Gabor, Skelf: Gail Watson
Melchior: Gavin Wright


Writers: Douglas Maxwell
Literal Translator: Ella Wildridge
Director: Ben Harrison
Set & Costume: Ali Maclaurin
Composer & Sound Designer: Philip Pinsky
Lighting Design: Lizzie Powell
Company Stage Manager: Gemma Smith
DSM: Jenny Raith
ASM: Naomi Stalker
Set Build: B Scenic
Costume Assistant: Becky Fenner-Evans
Print Photographer: Laurence Winram
Poster girl: Rebecca Ogilvie