A co-production between Grid Iron and the National Theatre of Scotland

An imaginative journey through, in and around the possibilities of air travel. BAA Edinburgh International Airport 2006.


Critics Awards for Theatre in Scotland: Best Production of 2006, Best Technical Presentation, Best Ensemble

Ogilvy Arts & Business Creativity Award

Arts & Business Community Award

Critics Awards for Theatre in Scotland: Best Design, Best Music

Few seconds in life are more releasing than those in which a plane ascends to the sky…accompanied by the controlled rage of the engines we rise fluently into the atmosphere and an immense horizon opens up across which we can wander without impediment. A journey which on earth would have taken us an afternoon can be accomplished with an infinitesimal movement of the eye… 

Alain de Botton, The Art of Travel

Are modern air passengers the contemporary equivalent of angels, bearing messages across the globe, or nomadic wanderers for whom home is no longer bound by national boundaries?

Inspired by a diversity of texts from Michel Serres, Pico Iyer, Alain de Botton and many others, as well as testimonies from refugees and airport workers, Roam combined a multinational company of ten performers together with a large group of non-professional participants aged five to eighty-five.

ROAM begins as the last flight leaves, that liminal time when airports become something other, a twilight world of memories, travellers’ detritus, ghosts and echoes of tearful and joyous conversations. ROAM reflects on national identity, the gross inequalities in our world, and the politics of terror and also on flight itself as a symbol of human achievement.

This partnership shows how the arts can transform the physical working environment and in so doing alter the experiences and motivation of a workforce. 

Barclay Price
Regional Director
Arts and Business Scotland

What The Press Said:

Cast & Crew:


Sarah Belcher
Claire Cochrane
Andrew Clark
Gergo Danka
Saseen Kawzally
John Kazek
Lisette Merenciana
Itxaso Moreno
Musicians: Galo Ceron-Carrasco & Kerieva McCormick


Dennis Chakonda: Clive Desmond & Lucy Gogoliuk
Lorna Gow: June Gray & Willie Green
Louise Green: Jane Heron & Claude Masiya
Ailis McGuinness: Ciara McCaw & Katlin McGuinness
Jane Mitchell: Aurora Palko & Sebastian Palko
Xander Palko: Eloy Pena & Arnold Smit
Dereen Tayeb: Zozek Tayeb & Saula Vasakula
Caroline Aston: Helen Corbett & Ben Godfrey
Barbara Gray: Philippa Tomlin & Jo Timmins


Written & directed by: Ben Harrison
Assistant Director: Jemima Levick
Producer: Judith Doherty
Composer/Sound Designer:Philip Pinsky
Set Designe:r Clifton Dolliver
Assistant Set Designer: Davy Dummigan
Costume Designer: Joan Hickson
Assistant Costume Designer/Dresser: Ailsa Rendell
Costume Assistants: Kathryn Smith & Sophie Ferguson
Lighting Designer: Paul Claydon
Choreographer: Fleur Darkin
Dramaturg: Zinnie Harris
Production Manager: Fiona Fraser
Technical Manager: Paul Claydon
Stage Manager: Michael Graham
DSM: Laura Edwards & Natasha Lee-Walsh
ASM: Catherine Ireton
Props Maker: Claire Halleran
Sound Enginee:r Claire Bromhead
Production Electrician: Mark Sodergren
Technicians: Phil O’ Halloran & Susie Peters
Dresser: Rachel Godding
Set built by: Scimitar Scenery
AV Consultants: Fifty Nine Ltd
General Manager: Deborah Crewe
Office Manager: Fiona Dougal
Print design: Emma Quinn
Print production: Big Byte
Office Dogs: Hector & Tigger