by Anita Sullivan.  Directed by Ben Harrison and Esther Richardson.

Performed in March 1999 at the Citizens’ Theatre, Glasgow in the foyer, back alleys and car park.

A special thank you to Edwin Morgan for translating Mayakovsky’s poem ‘To Sergie Yesenin’ specially for this production.

Fifteen year old Mel is alone in Moscow, courtesy of her mother’s credit card. Confused and angry, she is searching for anything that can explain her father’s mysterious disappearance. Despondent as night falls, she encounters the statue of famous revolutionary poet Vladimir Mayakovsky. Magic, passion, poetry and politics are interwoven in the journey that follows.

What The Press Said:

Cast & Crew:


Mayakovsky:  Ralph Bolland
Mel:  Pauline Lockhart
Lila:  Sioned Jones
Burliuk:  Gordon Peaston


Director:  Ben Harrison
Co-Director:  Esther Richardson
Producer:  Judith Doherty
Assistant Producer:  Barry Esson
Composer/Sound Design:  Dino Martino
Costume Design:  Louise Noble
Lighting Design:  George Tarbuck
Set Design:  Francis Gallop
Set Design Assistant:  Catherine Lindow
Stage Manager:  Amy Shapcott
Assistant Stage Manager:  Dan Sansome
LX Operators:  Christoph Wagner & Sunita Hinduja
Sound Operator:  Jenny Blake
Production Assistants:  Dave Crewe & Deborah Crewe
Print Design:  Quintessential
Print:  21 Colour
Photography:  Keith Brame