Huxley’s Lab

A promenade, site-responsive co-production between Grid Iron and Lung Ha’s Theatre Company in the University of Edinburgh Informatics Forum

1st – 9th April 2010
Part of Edinburgh International Science Festival


Winner: Crtics’ Awards for Theatre in Scotland – Best Ensemble

A site-specific, promenade production in the Informatics Forum, University of Edinburgh. 1st – 8th April 2010

There were no monsters. They had eradicated all the monsters. Everyone was fit for purpose. And I mean that quite literally.In an age where genetic perfection, both male and female, is held up as the quintessential path to a happy, fulfilled life, is there increasingly little space for difference in our society? Are we sleep-walking into a new age of eugenics, or is Huxley’s Brave New World still hundreds of years away?

I look like this, but my children, MY children, will be gods of the earth! Huxley’s Lab.
We enter, behind doors that should be closed, a lab which might determine the future of our race…But someone is trying to break into this perfectly controlled world. An anarchist group, the Naturals, inspired by the spirit of the buffon, want to tear down this world, to pose their difference as a joyous alternative to the world of the ‘norms’, to make their voices heard.

Grid Iron came together with renowned inclusive theatre makers Lung Ha’s Theatre Company for the very first time for this extraordinary journey through the corridors and spaces of the University of Edinburgh’s splendid Informatics Forum.

In a series of dream-like installation spaces, the 30-strong cast of professional and non-professional actors share their journey with us and their desires, for children, for intimacy, for marriage, for life.

What The Press Said:

Cast & Crew:


Musician: Pete Garnett
Dr Henry Davenport Head of Programming and Birth Management: Sean Hay
Mark Davenport Head Labrobot: Mark Howie
Dr Frannie Wells Nursery Supervisor: Carmen Pieraccini
Napoleon, the Natural’s King: Alan Simpson

Professor Huxley, Director of the Lab: Stephan Tait
Dr Karen Darwin, Head of Measurers: Nicola Tuxworth
Dr Lenina Crick Director of Zygomastics: Gail Watson
Dr Bernard Galton Director of Natural Management: Ben Winger


Brian (the Chef): Jimmy Allan – Lung Ha’s member since 1998
Caesar: Jonathan Allen – Lung Ha’s member since 2001
Kim Jong: Robert Bell – Lung Ha’s member since 1984
Alistair: William Donaldson – Lung Ha’s member since 2007
Tony: John Edgar – Lung Ha’s member since 1993
Cornflower: Marsaili Farquar – Lung Ha’s member since 2003
Tulip: Katy Gow – Lung Ha’s member since 1987
Winston: Sean Hay
Gordon (the Dog): Graham Lawrie – Lung Ha’s member since 2004
Rose: Kirsten Lawrie – Lung Ha’s member since 2001
Silvio: Alastair MacCulloch – Lung Ha’s member since 1984
Fleur, the Naturals’ Queen: Katrina Merilees – Lung Ha’s member since 2005


Sunshine: Marsaili Farquar – Lung Ha’s member since 2003
Gloria: Leigh Flynn – Lung Ha’s member since 1986
Dawn: Katy Gow – Lung Ha’s member since 1987
Radiance: Lindsay King – Lung Ha’s member since 2002


Max: Andrew Knowles – Lung Ha’s member since 2005
Minnie: Joanne Lynch – Lung Ha’s member since 1989
Centli: Catherine Smiley – Lung Ha’s member since 2002


David: Jonathan Ah-Nien – Lung Ha’s member since 1997
Marvin: Robert Bell – Lung Ha’s member since 1984
Mary: Becky Leach – Support Team since 2009


Artistic Director: Maria Oller
Company Manager: Michael Fraser
Creative Administrator: Jenna Watt


Co-Artistic Director: Ben Harrison
Co-Artistic Director & Producer: Judith Doherty
General Manage:r Fiona Watson
Finance & Development Manager: Deborah Crewe


Co Director: Maria Oller
Co Director & Writer: Ben Harrison
Composer: Phillip Pinsky
Set Designer: Jessica Worrall
Costume Designer: Kat Smith
Lighting Designer: Lizzie Powell
Choreographer: Janis Claxton
Production Manager: Fiona Fraser
Technical Manager: Phil O’Halloran
Stage Manager: Mickey Graham
Stage Management: Catherine Devereux & Nichola Reilly


Sound Engineer: Simon Kasprowicz
Assistant Set Design & Video: Rob Kennedy
Costume Design Assistant: Sophie Donaldson
Dresser: Helen Gallogly
Production Technicians: Martin Ross & James Gardner
Production Assistant: Chris Reid
Set Construction: B Scenic
Graphic Design: Emma Quinn
Photography: Douglas Jones
Print: Big Byte Media


Peter Airlie
Meg Faragher
Kirsty Halliday
Roxanne Hartley-Davies
Sophie Ignatieff
Becky Leach
Carla White


Nicholas Cheales
Chloe Smithson-Wisdom


Becky Jones and, from the Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Adam Ferguson, Gerry Smith, Mike Ross, Francisco Naveiro, Mic D’Elia and Ross Gilby.