Barflies (2009)

Adapted from stories by Charles Bukowski.  Adapted and directed by Ben Harrison.
Performed by Keith Fleming, Gail Watson & David Paul Jones.

7 – 31 August 2009
Traverse@The Barony Bar.  Part of Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


Scotsman Fringe First

Herald Angel

Nominated:  The Stage Awards for Acting Excellence – Best Ensemble

Nominated:  The Stage Awards for Acting Excellence – Best Actress

Some people never get crazy. What truly awful lives they must lead. 

Charles Bukowski

What starts as a gateway into a liberated, loose, affectionate and flirtatious view of the world can so easily become a prison, a destruction of the body, the mind and the memory. And yet, without alcohol, what great works of art might we have missed, what creative revelations, what relationships, what joyous and fumbled acts of love instigated at the bar and hastily consummated after a hurried taxi-ride home?

A search for meaning and pleasure in the arms and in the bodies of a series of women drives Henry to confront the darkest corners of himself and to challenge the whole ethic of the working life. Maybe more humanity, more analysis of the human psyche could be found from the edge of a barstool than from the most wide-ranging travels or the deepest research in a library. Barflies looks at the profound liberation of alcohol, its opening up of corners of sexuality and mental activity, as well as its more undesirable effects.

Multi-award winning Fringe favourites, Grid Iron, returned to the festival after an absence of three years with a brand new site-specific performance set in their local pub, The Barony Bar.

What The Press Said:

Cast & Crew:


Henry: Keith Fleming
Cass, Vicki, Margy, Vivienne, Sarah: Gail Watson
Silent Dave: David Paul Jones


Director/Adaptor: Ben Harrison
Assistant Director: Catrin Evans
Producer: Judith Doherty
Set & Costume Designer: Becky Minto
Composer & Sound Designer: David Paul Jones
Lighting Designer: Paul Claydon
Production Manager: Fiona Fraser
Technical Manager: Maria Bechaalani
Stage Manager: Mickey Graham
Deputy Stage Manager: Nichola Reilly
Design Assistant: Harriet Kirkwood
General Manager: Fiona Dougal
Finance Officer: Deborah Crewe
Print Design: Emma Quinn
Photography: Douglas Jones
Office Dogs: Hector & Tigger


Proprietor / Bar Manager: Malcolm Binnie
Assistant Manager / Chargehand: Christopher Reid & Richard Arthur
Bar Staff: Amiel Clarke, John Corcoran, Katriona Harding, Gemma Harper, Alexandra Kocela, Karen Lourens, Ema Murray, Lisa Thomas & Beata Zemanek
Peter Airlie, Heather Fulton, Nikki Hill, Kirsty McIntyre, Tim Primrose, Greg Sinclair, Jenna Watt & Katy Wilson.