What Remains

Written by David Paul Jones in collaboration with Ben Harrison

4th – 28th August 2011 6.30pm, 8pm & 9.30pm (not Mons) Part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and the Made in Scotland Showcase

Between the dusk & the dark, what terrors lie? Celebrating their tenth year at the Edinburgh August festivals, Fringe heroes Grid Iron and award-winning Scottish composer David Paul Jones take you on a journey through life. And death. What happens when our spirit leaves? What mark is left on the world? And what are the connections between the human body and the body of a piece of music? Is the precision required of a doctor or surgeon the same as that required to realise a Ravel Concerto?

As the sustain pedal is released on the dying notes of a sonata, what remains?

What Remains is a site-specific, promenade music installation piece with live and recorded performance by composer/pianist David Paul Jones.

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Cast & Crew:


Composed and performed by: David Paul Jones
Written by: David Paul Jones in collaboration with Ben Harrison
Directed by: Ben Harrison
Designed by: Ali Maclaurin
Lights by: Sergey Jakovsky