A co-production between Grid Iron and the Edinburgh International Festival 2002. Variety played at the King’s Theatre, Edinburgh from 12-17 August

Ladies and gentlemen! The King’s Theatre proudly presents the romantic tenor, the country comedian, the speciality act and the equilibrist – otherwise known as our very own Concert Party!

In its halcyon days variety theatre was part of the social life blood of the country. But in the shadow of the enemy – the technological wonder of the talkies – only the bravest or the saddest of performers are left treading the boards, in cine-variety.

The death throes of one of Scotland ‘s most popular entertainments are chronicled in this play by Scots playwright Douglas Maxwell, performed by multi-award winning Grid Iron.

Performing as part of the Edinburgh International Festival was a fantastic opportunity and experience for Grid Iron. Although well used to a high media profile, Variety found the company for the first time at the centre of a deeply divided debate about the quality of the show and Grid Iron’s inclusion in the International Festival. However, we still very much enjoyed the process and it taught us many valuable lessons.