The Houghmagandie Pack

Written and Directed by Justin Young

2 – 11 May 2003, Alloway, Ayrshire

The Houghmagandie Pack was commissioned as part of the Burns an a’ That Festival 2003 which celebrates the life and work of the poet Robert Burns.

Grid Iron were given free access to the village of Alloway, birthplace of Burns, and created a multi-site, outdoor promenade production taking the audience on a mile-long journey through the life of the poet. We visited the cottage of his birth, the atmospheric old graveyard where his parents are buried, paths and fields around the village and concluded at the famous Brig O’Doon.

The production was site-specific in the truest sense recounting a real-life story and real-life events in exactly the places where they would have occurred making it a quite extraordinary experience.

A Grid Iron and Unique Events co-production. Supported by Scottish Arts Council.

Cast & Crew:


Katrina Bryan
Garry Collins
Katherine Connolly
Jonathan Fegan
Jamie Michie
Stewart Preston
Anthony Strachan
Frances Thorburn


Written and Directed by: Justin Young
Set and Lighting Design: Becky Minto
Lighting Design: George Tarbuck
Music Composer: Philip Pinsky
Producer: Judith Doherty