Leaving Planet Earth

by Catrin Evans and Lewis Hetherington

10th – 24th August 2013 Edinburgh International Festival


Nominated for a Critics Award for Theatre in Scotland in the Best Technical Presentation category.

World premiere of a site-specific promenade performance in Edinburgh International Climbing Arena (audience gathering point Edinburgh International Conference Centre). Part of Edinburgh International Festival. In association with University of Edinburgh Centre for Design Informatics/ Centre for Speckled Computing and Edinburgh Napier University Institute for Creative Industries

Old Earth has nothing left for us, and so it is time for a new beginning. Cross galaxies, traverse light years and find yourself in a world where you be the centre of your own universe.

Welcome to New Earth. Never look back.

Vela, the revered and celebrated architect of this new society, has recently been avoiding her public duties in favour of visiting the Old Earth Museum and the company of its Security Guard. As the final migrants arrive, she is becoming increasingly obsessed by her memories, and questions are growing about her sanity.

Award-winning theatre company Grid Iron fuses live interactive performance with innovative digital and new media technologies. Leaving Planet Earth is a site-responsive promenade production on an epic scale. Tracing the story of humanity’s first migration into space, it asks fundamental questions about our connection to this planet. Should we leave this world, and if so, who will endure and at what cost?

This production was dedicated to the memory of our friend and colleague, Ross Ramsay.

What The Press Said:

Cast & Crew:


Emilia: Molly Taylor
Hal: Chris Nayak
Harper: Juliana Yazbeck
John: Finlay Welsh
Jost: Peter Wiedmann
Meeka: Anna–Maria Nabirye
Saad: Robert Jack
Vela: Lucianne McEvoy

Boy [Audio]: Angus and Joseph Pinsky
Sinead [Film]: Muireann Kelly
Gatekeeper Voiceover: Melody Grove
GFO Voiceover & Film: Kenny Blyth
GFO Journalist [Film]: James Blake
GFO Scientists [Film]: DK Arvind, Janek Mann, Jon Oberlander, Arno Verhoeven


Writers/Directors: Catrin Evans & Lewis Hetherington
Producer: Judith Doherty
Set & Video Designers: Becs Andrews & Dave Lynch
Lighting Designer: Paul Claydon
Composer & Sound Designer: Philip Pinsky
Costume Designer: Kat Smith
Production Manager: Fiona Fraser
Finance Manager: Deborah Crewe
Technical Manager: Simon Hayes
Stage Manager: Mickey Graham
Stage Management: Lee Davis, Kara Jackson & Anne Page
Head of Sound: Roy Fairhead

Sound Engineer: Guy Coletta
Head of Stage: JJ McGregor
Production Technicians: Kieran Diamond & Dave Cooper
Set Design Assistant: Lia Waber
Costume Design Assistant: Dannie Gallagher
Costume Cutter & Maker: Sara Hill
Costume Maker: Felicity Edmond
Set Build: B Scenic
GFO Film-makers: James Blake, Kirsten MacLeod & Blair Stewart
Programme Design: Emma Quinn, Beata Zemanek & Ann Davies
Publicity Image: Douglas Chalmers


Transmedia Designer: Beata Zemanek
Transmedia Assistants: Omar Barco, Douglas Chalmers, Robert Doyle, Natalie King, Chris Pincombe, Stuart Smith & Martha Schofield
For University of Edinburgh Centre for Design Informatics/Centre for Speckled Computing/Edinburgh College of Art: Professor Jon Oberlander DK Arvind, Janek Mann, Michael Walters, Andrew Bates, Arno Verhoeven & Mark Kobine
For Edinburgh Napier University: James Blake, Malcolm Innes, Ian Lambert, Andrew O’Dowd, Nigel Smith & Euan Winton



The audience for Leaving Planet Earth gathered at the magnificent, newly opened Atrium building of the Edinburgh International Conference Centre in the city centre before being transported, by City Circle Coaches, to the incredible Edinburgh International Climbing Arena which is the largest indoor climbing arena in the world.