Doppler update

From the novel by Erlend Loe, translated by Don Bartlett and Don Shaw.

Adapted and directed by Ben Harrison

We are very disappointed to have to tell you that we will be unable to bring you any live performances of Doppler this August after all.

While the First Minister has yet  to announce whether or not live outdoor events will be able to resume in Scotland from the 24th August, that was only one of the things we needed to happen to enable us to do the show.


Unfortunately the date we needed to get on site, to make it safe,  prepare it to an acceptable level and do the proper amount of technical and dress rehearsals to be able to open by the 24th, has now passed without permission being granted by the managers of our location. Also, our team are only under contract until the 31st August and, with the best will in the world, our tiny audience capacity and reduced box office income means we can’t afford to extend those contracts at this time.

While we appreciate that everyone is desperate for a live theatre experience (and, believe me, we are desperate to bring you that experience), we cannot allow ourselves to put anything less than absolutely the best show we can create, even in these restrictive circumstances, in front of you.

So, we have had to make the very hard decision that we will not proceed with the live shows, regardless of what the First Minister announces on the 20th.  We will now focus on capturing a filmed record of the work we have all been doing this past few months and will give you more details about how you can engage with that just as soon as we have them.


Make sure to follow us on social media to see how the filming of the show is progressing, we very much look forward to sharing it with you.



Vi gleder oss til å fremføre ” Doppler” for dere under Edinburgh Fringe Festivalen 2021.


Image: Fergus Dunnet

Supported by Creative Scotland.